Beer East Big Smokey Ride – Wa, Id, Mt, BC

Beer East Big Smokey Ride – Wa, Id, Mt, BC

I just got back from my annual ride. In the past it was always 4 of us, but this year it grew to ten. All of us are friends that know and ride with each other so there were no real surprises. We planned this back in February, the original plan was to ride #20 east (Wa.) to Idaho. South to #12 and east to Missoula, Mt then a few short days north back into BC for the final leg home from Creston.

We are all aware of the fire activity this year. Fortunately, it only effected one of our chosen roads. #20 in Washington. (the above image is just west of Creston, BC) We ended up taking #2 east then cutting up #25 in central Washington, still finding some good roads.

Day 3 was the hardest of the days, only because 3 of the ten bike had issues. The worst being a nail in a rear tire. Since it was a short day we had time to run up to a dealer 5 minutes away from our hotel (good thing it was Saturday).

Maverick Motorsport ( in Missoula, MT) were very accommodating. We got lucky as the nail went in sideways, so a new tire wasn’t needed (sorry guys!) But I want to say thank you, especially to Charles D. (third from left- above image) for dishing us up a fun road to ride – Yes! We did the Yaak Attack and survived.

It was five days of good riding, good beer and good friends. Would I do it again? Talk to me next year as I’m already thinking of the next ride.

Wherever you go, enjoy the ride, have an alternative plan and if you’re in the Missoula area drop by Maverick Motorsports and grab a little something that you may need on your trip.