Best Western Likes Bikes

Best Western Likes Bikes

best western | two bikes parked | Imperial MotorcyclesFinally, a hotel chain realizes that motorcycle riders are a big part of their business and they actively promote riding. Check out Best Western Hotels “Explore North America” website. Not only do they give you routes and blogger posts, but you can book BW hotels on the site. Cool!

Here is another website designed to make finding accommodations easier. Bike-Stay is more of a world-wide directory of places to stay in the region you choose. They list accommodations and “Motorcycle Friendly” places as well as “Distances to..” guides.

Like many sites like this, it may be limited to registered businesses, but if you don’t have the resources, its a good place to start.

I’ve written a few pieces about planning rides and the tools to use. You can see them here titled “The Ride – Find Your Destination.

All of these things are good tools to plan your next ride.

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