Get the Grunge…

Get the Grunge…

…brush and help maintain your motorcycle chain (if you have one).

A must-have to keep your ride shiny. Not everyone thinks about cleaning their chain, but a dirty chain will limit its life. The chain is the critical component to get the power to the rear wheel and is worth the attention.

From my experience, I suggest that you place an old cloth or cardboard along the ground and on the rear wheel before using the Grunge Brush.  This helps prevent the bristles from sending stuff flying. Depending on the type of lube you are using, either a little more of the lube or kerosene will clean it up. Let your chain dry (especially with kerosene) for an hour or so then re-lube according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Save money and enjoy a happy chain life with the Grunge Brush.

And yes, we stock them as well as other cleaning products for your bike.