Good Customers and Good Coffee

Good Customers and Good Coffee

Like any business, we get customers from all over with all sorts of needs and professions. Most recently a gentleman brought in, a new to him, Yamaha FJR1300. He hadn’t ridden it much but had so far enjoyed the bike.

After the service we informed him that we’ve worked on this machine before and that it had lots of nice bits on it. That obviously made him feel good about his purchase. In a gesture of his appreciation he brought us a sample of his professional goods. Little did he know how much some of us enjoy a GOOD cup o’ jo!

Lately I’ve been taking to going to lots of different roaster/cafe’s to try all the great coffee that is available in Vancouver. But oddly enough, for a company that has been around a long time, I’d never heard of them. Pistol & Burnes.

So I take the bag of beans to my local cafe, Camellia Tea & Coffee for a quick grind and sampling. They only do this for me as I’m there several times a week.

All I can say is it is a delicious cup of coffee. So thank you for the gift. All we need now is some dark chocolate to go with it.