Kork Ballington – MotoGP Legend – Finally!

Kork Ballington – MotoGP Legend – Finally!

 Kork Ballington, a Two-Times DOUBLE World Champion (’78-79, 250 & 350cc Class) is to be inducted as a MotoGP Legend this year. I am surprised that it has taken this long for him to be considered. As a young rider in the 70-80’s I knew of Kork, Barry Sheene & Kenny Roberts as some of the greatest racers of the day. The fact that he was twice a double champion suggests that he should have been considered a “Legend” long ago. All I can say is it is about time.

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“I am overwhelmed and spent the day reflecting on my journey since as a young boy I was gripped by the desire to become intimate with motorcycles and embarked on the incredible journey which still affects all aspects of my life to this day in such a positive way,” says Ballington. “To join the elite group already on the list is such an honour. I am deeply humbled that I am to become one of them. Throughout my career I never expected or made it a goal to become recognized. My focus was just on giving the best account of myself while honouring the true values of sportsmanship and respect for fellow competitors and those members of the GP fraternity who followed the values. Recognition became a by-product of success and this recognition of my achievements has followed me to this day.”

Kork Ballington


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