Motorcycle Fanatics are Everywhere – pt 2

Motorcycle Fanatics are Everywhere – pt 2


We got some interesting responses, via our Facebook page, on the subject of famous people that ride (and that are NOT high-profile about riding).

I will endeavor to add some of those in future. In the meantime though, here is another most of us might not be aware of.


Lyle Lovett
from Motor Cyclist, July ’03

Lyle’s motorcycle roots run back to dusty Honda Mini-Trail 50’s and 70’s ripping up the pasture/track near his folks’ house. “After the first year we had the bikes, my mom, my dad and I would all go riding in the national forest. We still have our old 1970 CT-1 Yamaha,” he says, nursing a jug of the really scary blue Gatorade. The bike bug had grown teeth by ’70.

“I got a job in a motorcycle shop in Houston called Cycle Shack,” Lyle remembers. “It was a Penton/Husky dealer. I was 14, so at the end of the summer the owner of the shop, Richard Sanders is his name, gave me this Husky 125 since I couldn’t really be on the payroll. The first time I rode it…it was such a big difference.”

Lovett’s motocross career lasted three years, ending with expert plates on a 1974 Husqvarna 125 that still sits in his parents’ garage. “I led from the start once at a little track in Crockett, Texas, the first time I raced my new Husky. That was the greatest feeling,” he says, with a tiny glint in one eye only an ex-motocrosser would notice.

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