Motorcycle Friendly Oregon

Motorcycle Friendly Oregon



This past summer a customer of ours rode through Oregon. On his return he told us of his adventures and gave us this really nice Oregon Road Map “FOR MOTORCYCLES”.

It has all sorts of interesting and helpful motorcycle tips on the back side. The map outlines scenic motorcycle roads to check out. “Very Cool!” we thought, a motorcycle friendly place that wants you to come ride there.

I have ridden in Oregon and enjoyed it very much. Great roads, fabulous beer and friendly people. I have already planned a few more trips down there.

So after some investigations and inquiries we were able acquire a bunch of these nifty maps.

Next time you are by our shop and are thinking of a trip to Oregon, check them out.

Editors Note: We are out and the map is no longer available. I do have a large scanned version – bring a USB storage device and I will share it.