What’s In a Service?

What’s In a Service?

What is in a service? All sorts of different things but we try to break it down and keep it simple for our customers. There are two basic categories; Quick service (oil, tires, brake pads, etc.) and Major service (There are 3 different types and can include a multitude of things)

Quick Service usually involves a flat labour rate for a specific job. Oil & filter, for example, is $35 for the labour plus the cost of oil, the filter and misc. (commonly known as shop supplies). There are exceptions to this depending on the bike. To do a rear tire change on a Honda GL1500 touring bike is more than the normal rate. Why? Well, it takes a lot more time to remove the rear wheel on one of these bike due to the luggage racks and other body parts.

That is why we often ask what type of bike you have so we can accurately quote for any given job.

Major Services are broken down into 3 basic categories  Minor Service, Full Service and Full Service with valve adjustments. These will have a time approximation for labour and always “Plus parts, taxes and any levies” that apply.

A minor service is (on average) is approximately 1.5 hours labour and includes checking and/or replacing oil & filter, cables, steering head bearings, fluids (hydraulic,  coolant), electrical, tires, wheels, brakes, final drive, and other things based on each model of bike. (plus parts, etc)

A full service would include all of the above along with spark plugs, air filter. A full service runs between 2.5-3 hours of labour. It is a complete check over of the motorcycle except for a valve adjustment. (plus parts, etc)

Full service with valves is just that. (plus parts, etc)

So the next time you need work done, think about what is needed and that we way we can accurately and fairly offer the service you need.