Tips for Buying a Used Motorcycle

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Tips for Buying a Used Motorcycle

If you are looking to purchase a motorcycle, you can save thousands of dollars by opting for a used bike. You must, however, ensure the motorcycle you choose does not have any defects that may cause safety issues or require costly repairs.

When purchasing a used bike, here are some things you should do:

Check the VIN

The first thing you should do is ensure the bike you are looking to buy is not stolen. The seller should be able to present the title and registration to prove ownership of the bike. If they do not have any of these documents, it is best to walk away from the deal. Once you’ve seen the title and registration, see that the vehicle identification number (VIN) matches on the documents and the bike.

Consider the appearance

The appearance of the motorcycle will offer clues about its overall condition. A clean bike is generally a well-kept bike. So, check the hard-to-reach places for dirt build-up. Look for rust as well as rust can permanently damage the metal components of a bike. If you notice curved levers or ones that have been cut and reshaped, wobbly wheels, bent front forks, dents or scratches on the gas tank, or a bent or cracked frame, these may be signs that the motorcycle has been involved in a crash. In that case, check if there is evidence of shoddy repair. You may also request service records and receipts to see the bike’s maintenance history.

Check the electrical components

If you look under the motorcycle seat, you should find wiring that connects to the battery. Check the wires to see if anything seems out of place. If the wires are in a tangled web, or if all the cables are the same colour, then you may have an issue. You should also check the headlights on low beam and high beam to ensure they work well. Test the brake lights, blinkers, horn and hazard lights too.

Start the bike

After you’ve examined the bike, start it and listen to the sound it makes as the engine turns over. If possible, ask the owner not to run the bike before your meeting as it is best to do a soundcheck after a cold start.

It is normal for a motorcycle to be noisy when you first start it since it takes some time for the oil to warm and start circulating. However, if the noise increases in volume or sounds like rocks in a blender, you may have a problem.

Should you take a used bike to a motorcycle repair shop before you buy it?

While you can get an idea of the condition of a used bike from a DIY examination, it is always wise to take the bike to a motorcycle repair shop to have a mechanic do a proper inspection. If you’ve already purchased a used bike, you should still consider visiting a motorcycle repair shop to be sure it is safe before you take it on the road.

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