Choosing Your First Motorcycle

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Choosing Your First Motorcycle

If you are a new rider looking to buy your first motorcycle, you may be overwhelmed with all the available options. While many new riders go for what looks cool, there are a few other things you should consider if you want to get the most out of your new bike.

How will you use your new motorcycle?

The first thing you should consider when buying a motorcycle is how you will use it. You might not be able to nail down the exact purpose for which you will use your bike, but you should have some idea. Knowing how you will use the bike will help you to narrow the list of options.

Here are the main motorcycle categories and their pros and cons for new riders:


If you want a bike for leisurely rides, consider a cruiser. Cruisers have low seats that allow riders to place their feet on the ground effortlessly. Cruisers are also easy to ride due to low-speed torque. If you tip over on a cruiser, there is little bodywork to be damaged. You should note, however, that many cruisers have extreme ergonomics and can be awkward to handle.


If you want to go fast, a sportbike may be right for you. Sportbikes are race bike replicas built for speed and handling. Most sportbikes are lightweight, which is a plus for an inexperienced rider. On the flip side, the majority have high-power engines, but there are smaller sportbikes that are much easier to handle. Another downside of owning a sportbike is that the fairings are expensive, and they can easily be damaged.

Standard or naked bikes

Standard bikes, also known as naked bikes, offer a mix of comfort and control. Note, though, that larger standard bikes can be as powerful and difficult to handle as sportbikes. Naked bikes have little to no fairings, so there will be minimal damage if you tip over.

Adventure tourers and dual sport bikes

Adventure tourers and dual sport bikes are perfect for off-the-road fun. These two types of bikes are comfortable and lightweight, and they are unlikely to have significant damage in the event your bike hits the ground.

How much are you willing to spend on your first motorcycle?

Your budget is a major consideration when buying your first motorcycle. The amount you can spend will determine the type of bike you can get and whether it will be new or used. When budgeting for your first motorcycle, you must also consider insurance as well as maintenance and repair costs.

Should you get a new or used motorcycle as your first bike?

Regardless of the type of motorcycle you choose, you should ensure the bike has an anti-lock braking system. It would also be good to have a windscreen that offers some protection from the elements. Finally, be sure to check that the seat height and handlebar height will enable you to maintain a comfortable riding position and opt for an engine size less than 600cc.

You may be tempted to purchase a brand new, flashy bike as your very first motorcycle. But that may not be the best option. As a new rider, it is better to go with an inexpensive, used bike. When purchasing a used motorcycle, it always wise to take the bike to a motorcycle repair shop for a professional inspection to ensure it is roadworthy.

Are you searching for a motorcycle repair shop in Vancouver?

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