Motorcycle Repair Checklist for the Spring

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Motorcycle Repair Checklist for the Spring

Spring is fast approaching, which means you might be gearing up to take your motorcycle back on the road. But, how can you ensure your machine is in tip-top shape?
Before you head out this spring, here is a motorcycle repair checklist to ensure you’ll be riding worry-free:

1. Walk around your bike

If you left your motorcycle parked in the same spot for months, do a quick walk around your bike to see if anything seems unusual. Look for pools of oil, coolant or fuel and if you notice a leak, investigate to determine the source. Also, see if there is any indication of wear on the kickstands, pivots, swingarms and suspension linkages.

2. Examine your tires

Ensure your tires are in good condition by rolling out your bike out and checking the wear indicators. Look also for bald spots or cracks in the rubber. Then, check the tire pressure and check your spokes for damage.

3. Check your brakes

It is crucial that you inspect your brake pads. If your brake pads are worn, replace them. After you’ve checked your brake pads, squeeze your front and rear brakes. When you do this, you should not be able to hit the handlebar. If you do hit the handlebar, or if you get a spongy response, your brake fluid has likely been contaminated with air or moisture, and you’ll need to bleed your brake system.

4. Change your fluids

Can you remember the last time you changed your motorcycle oil? If you can’t, now is a good time to do so. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions on what type of oil should be used and how it is to be changed.
Even if your brakes seem to be working fine and you do not need to bleed the system, still check the level of your brake fluid. If the level is low, top it up with fluid specified by the manufacturer.

5. Check your battery

While your bike is parked in the fall and winter, it is wise to unplug the battery from the bike and use a trickle charger. If you failed to do this, you might need to purchase a new battery. If your battery has been plugged into a trickle charger for months, check its level.

6. Look at the lights and gauges

Once you’ve returned the battery to your motorcycle, check your lights and gauges. Be sure to look if your brake lights come on and if your indicators are working. If any of your lights aren’t coming on, simply changing the bulbs should solve the problem.

7. Inspect chain and sprockets

Finally, inspect your chain to ensure it is not too slack. If there is rust, clean it off. Take your bike for a quick ride to get it warmed up and then check the sprockets for damage.

When to take your bike to a motorcycle repair shop

If, while you are inspecting your bike, you encounter issues that you cannot address, you should consult a mechanic for help. For motorcycle repair and maintenance in Vancouver, contact us at Imperial Motorcycles.

At Imperial Motorcycles, we have proudly served the Metro Vancouver area for nearly 25 years, and our friendly team boasts over 70 years of combined experience. You can rest assured that we will always provide exceptional motorcycle repair and maintenance services.

So, give us a call or visit our motorcycle repair shop to request a free estimate.