Service Time???

Service Time???


The weather is changing (for the better?), the sun is out and you are getting that riding itch. Have you looked at your motorcycle lately? Is it telling you something?

Pretty soon everyone will be wanting to ride, only then do a lot of us think about what our bike needs. By then most shops are getting very busy. It can be days or even weeks before your bike has been serviced.

Maybe now is the time to think about what your bike needs.

Not sure? There are a couple of ways to tell. First is to check your Owner’s Manual, your odometer and a calendar. That will give a good indication of what NEEDS to be done. Still not sure? This is where a good shop can advise you. A little preventative maintenance is money and time well spent. Nothing is worse than having that planned ride ruined by broken bits or waiting for parts.

Then there is your desire to have upgrades. Winter is the time to get those modifications completed.

Where does Imperial Motorcycles come in here?

  • We can service your bike for you.
  • We offer service packages for economy.
  • We have pick-up and delivery options available.
  • We will be happy to assist you in any way to make your ride enjoyable.

That is why we like to think that February and March are “Time For Service” months. Come by and talk to us about your motorcycle needs. We are happy to help.