What’s In A Tune-Up?

What’s In A Tune-Up?


It’s that classic question that is hard to answer with today’s motorcycles, “I need a tune-up?”


With electronic ignitions, fuel injection and an array of other electronic devices loaded on a modern motorcycle, what’s there to tune? If you look at the owner’s manual (see below) there is a Maintenance Schedule that the manufacturer suggests following to ensure that your bikes runs at optimum performance. These are scheduled based on distance traveled (Km or Miles) or an elapse of time. If you read through it, you will find it is mostly checking certain parts and/or replacing others.

So nowadays we don’t “Tune-Up” motorcycles so much as service them. The two main services we offer are a “Minor” or “Full” service.

Minor Service – Changing of all the fluids, checking the charging system, lubing and adjusting key points.

Full Service – May or may not include checking the valve adjustment (depending on vehicle mileage), checking (and usually replacing) the spark plugs and air filter and anything else required by the maintenance schedule.

All bikes require these services throughout their life, especially if you want to keep them in tip-top shape. So, if you are not sure, ask your mechanic or consult your manual to know what you need.


Sample of one page of a Maintenance Schedule.