A Clean Bike is…

A Clean Bike is…

a happy bike!
There are a lot of reasons to keep your motorcycle clean….not only just because it looks nicer.

Probably the prime reason to keep your motorcycle clean & shiny is that a clean bike is a cooler-running bike. Dirt adds a small layer of insulation that retains heat.

Regular cleaning is really part of maintaining your investment. And it’s always a good idea to clean your bike before bringing it in for service. Most mechanics dislike working on a dirty bike because it makes replacing parts and servicing difficult. In some instances a shop will charge extra to clean a dirty motorcycle before the mechanic services it.

The best way is to clean your vehicle more often than not. Cleaning your motorcycle regularly means using less cleaning product, requiring less pressure washing and overall, less time in the process. Be careful with high pressure washing, as this can create premature wear in more delicate areas.  Hand-washing near the steering head and wheel bearings is best.

So it’s not a bad idea to keep your baby clean rather than dirty. It will save you time and money in the long run.