A Glove For All Seasons

A Glove For All Seasons

It’s been a mild winter here in the Lower Mainland and a lot of riders are out and about. We’ve sold quite a few pairs of gloves recently. Which leads me to the conversation of “I need gloves to keep my hands warm” and then that person grabs a thin summer glove. Not what I would wear when it is 8 deg c and raining.

There are many different types and styles of glove and they all really do one thing – protect your hands – from injury but also from fatigue and the elements. These are some of the things to think about when purchasing gloves. Ultimately, I think, a rider needs three pair of gloves; Short mesh-backed or perforated hot weather gloves, Full length all leather gloves and Winter/waterproof gloves.

Other than fit (which can sometimes be a compromise based on hand size/shape) look for hard knuckles, extra padding/re-enforcement in the palm but not studs or any extraneous item that could wreak havoc to the hand, and comfort. When trying on new gloves don’t hesitate to grab a set of handlebars to see how they feel. Full leather gloves will take some time to properly break-in.

Not sure what to get? Come by and let us show you some styles and do a fitting.

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