Book Review: Riding With Rilke

Book Review: Riding With Rilke

by: Ted Bishop

I read Riding With Rike 3-4 years back and found it a very entertaining read. As a instructor and enthusiast I liked how the motorcycle bug infected Mr. Bishop and how he evolved.

However, this book is more than a motorcycle story, it’s a tale of literary hunting, travel and riding. It’s made all the more interesting as Mr. Bishop is a local (somewhat: Alberta) rider and professor at the University of Alberta.

After reading his story I had the opportunity to swap a few e-mails back and forth with him and after reading a dozen or so riding/motorcycle adventure books, I place Mr. Bishop’s in my top 3 must reads.


Pick it up if you get the itch. Support a local and enjoy the ride he takes you on.


Andii, behind the counter.