Custom LED Brake Light Flasher

Custom LED Brake Light Flasher

by Andii

I’ve recently installed the CustomLED brake light flasher on my FJR1300. What this unit does is allows you to modulate the brake light flash with 10 different pre-settings (see page bottom).

Installation was straight-forward and includes connectors & zip-ties. It took about 10 minutes to install. On the FJR it was placed under the passenger seat and tapped into the brake at the same spot.

The purpose is to offer greater visibility while braking by getting the drivers’ behind attention. I noticed how well it works as after the install cars were stopping an extra length or two behind me. Good and cheap insurance from possible rear-enders. We have them in stock for $69.95.


User Selectable Patterns:

  • Pattern 0: Four Flashes then Solid  (Incandescent or LED)
  • Pattern 1: Four Flashes, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat (Incandescent or LED)
  • Pattern 2: Seven Flashes then Solid (Incandescent or LED)
  • Pattern 3: Seven Flashes, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat (Incandescent or LED)
  • Pattern 4: Quad Strobe, then Solid for 1 Second then Quad Strobe (LED Only)
  • Pattern 5: Quad Strobe, Solid for 1 Second, then Quad Strobe, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat (LED Only)
  • Pattern 6: Custom LED Blaster X Cycle for 3 seconds, then Solid (LED Only)
  • Pattern 7: Custom LED Blaster X Cycle, Repeat (LED Only)
  • Pattern 8: Max Strobe 4 Seconds, Solid (LED Only)
  • Pattern 9: Constant Max Strobe Pattern (LED Only)