Micro-Emergency and All-Round Handy to Have

Micro-Emergency and All-Round Handy to Have

Their is a new product out that looks to be quite handy to have in an emergency. It is the Antigravity Micro Start.

Recently I was traveling to the interior with family and friends for a few days of snow fun. The 2nd day we woke up to -15c. At that temperature my battery was not wanting to crank over. It’s a good thing there was more than one vehicle there to jump start my van. If not I would have had a bit of an issue.

Had I one of these Micro-starts it would have been a no brainer, plug it in and start cranking. Not only is the Micro-start capable of jump starting 4 & 2-wheeled vehicles, it also come with a variety of peripheral plug in options.

Three power ports for laptop, 12v standard and USB along with an LED light with three modes (on, flashing & S.O.S.). The nice thing about the Micro-start is the portable size, the whole kit comes in a case that is only 7″x10″x2″. The lithium-ion battery pack can stay charged for up to 8 mo.

This kit is not just handy for your vehicle or travel, but a great accessory for your emergency preparedness kit (Do you have one?). Come check it out at Imperial. At $159.95 I don’t think they will be around for long.

the Counter-Guy