The Other Side of Riding

The Other Side of Riding

Riding is fun, that is why we do it. Commuting, touring, racing, off-road or whatever other way you like. But that is just part of the equation. You can’t enjoy it if your bike is not up to the task. This takes me to another side of riding – service.

For a deeper insight please read the article by Mat Oxley titled “One of the Last Great Tuners“.
It explores the importance of a good “Tuner/Engineer” in the world of racing. You may wonder the relation between a race Tuner and you riding day-to-day? As I use to teach my students (at motorcycle training school) – A good mechanic is like a Doctor or even Hairdresser. When you find one you like, you want to establish a relationship and that can help make that part of your life better.

All bikes need regular service but beyond that is where the relationship can shine. Having a good rapport with a mechanic/shop makes your riding life that much more enjoyable. They can offer advice or give assistance when it is needed. But that affiliation is a two-way street and it needs to be nurtured like any other relationship.

So as you ride or get ready to ride, does your bike need anything. Not sure? Check an owner’s manual, ask “your” shop or do some research. And just like any ride, a little advanced planning will make everything run smoothly.

Tip: Get your service done before the “Season” so you can ride during that time.



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