Motorcycle Fanatics are Everywhere

Motorcycle Fanatics are Everywhere

motorcycle fanaticsWhile coming to work today and humming along with an Orbison classic; “Sweet Dream baby” – I pondered a past image I had seen of Roy sitting astride a bike. It made me think that there are a lot of famous people that are into motorcycles. Yes, there are the obvious ones like McQueen, Schwarzenegger, Forbes, Cruise (although I think it was just for that one film) and the likes.

But there are many others that I’m sure most of us have never known about. I will try to bring some of them to light in our blog as I find it very interesting how many famous people seem to keep it under the radar.

From what I’ve read Orbison was a huge car and bike fanatic and at one point owned at least 40 vehicles. Cruise the web – stories abound of his eccentricity.

If you are aware of any “low profile” famous people that ride, feel free to contact me at and I shall try to find some images of them and their bikes.

the Counter-Guy