What’s Your Trip Pt. 2

What’s Your Trip Pt. 2

June 21, 2013: This just in from our customers and fellow travels – the Schrams’

Hello again,

We are in Anchorage now, via several detours. Over 7000km since we left you guys, tyres and gloves are great. We’ve had a change of plan though and won’t come back via Vancouver but go via Alberta, Banff and Jasper instead. The Distanzias are brilliant and tomorrow we will fit a set under our Triumphs as well so that we can go over the Arctic Circle and the Top of the World highway to Dawson city.

Attached are two photos. Don’t be disappointed that Mike is the only one wearing your T-shirt, we wear them as well! (just not that day!)

All the best,

Aad, Jeanette and Mike