On the Road – Tire Repair

On the Road – Tire Repair

Ever been on a long trip or a short little boot around only to end up with a flat tire? That is one thing that can stop a ride dead in it’s tracks. But no more! If you carry a tire repair kit. There are lots of options depending on your needs.

Stop-n-Go has a variety of repair kits available. Plug kits, patch kits and combinations. But how to fill the tire with air? You can carry CO2 cartridges – it takes 2-3 to fill a tire – or you can bring along another handy little device; Stop-n-Go’s min air compressor. Not much bigger than two 8-track tapes stacked on top of one-another (if you remember what an 8-track is?).

So there are choices when it comes to road-side tire assistance. Come see what we have here and what will serve your purpose.

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